Monday, November 2, 2009

Time to cozy up.

Ooops. :) I've been missing for a while. At least I've been somewhat productive. I finally finished a quilt that was started by my Grandma Green...I've had it for quite a while, but just haven't taken the time to sit down and finish up the binding.

What I love about this quilt is that it is something that both my grandma and I worked on. Not together - she lives in Alabama now and I'm in Illinois. But, a joint effort nonetheless.

I've been snuggled up under this every chance I could get this week. It's been cold, windy, and rainy in Chicagoland. The perfect excuse for me to make a cup of tea and just relax.

I needed a little extra me-time this week due to all of the busy-ness. Sometimes I just need to sit. H1N1 is now making it's way around my children's school, so I've been a bit stressed about that. We also had Halloween parties on Friday - I helped out in both my son's and my daughter's classrooms. We also had two birthday parties this weekend.

But, my favorite part of the week was was my church's annual Missions Conference. We have an entire week devoted to world and community missions. Some of our denomination's International Workers came to share their experiences with us and tell us about the cultures they work in.

We also have events geared solely towards our children and teens. Since I work with the youth group, my focus tended to be on that this week. On Saturday night we participated in a bonfire with another area youth group and got to hear real-life stories about evil spirits...oooooooh! (That's my blog-version of a spooky sound. Lame, I know...) Plus there were smores and a bil ol' bonfire. A good time was had by all, I think. I know I enjoyed it!

More craft-related posts to come later in the week! Hope you all had a safe and fun weekend.


  1. I don't remember the quilt but I do recognize the fabrics. Keep cozy. Love, Grandma

  2. How wonderful for you to have the quilt and a shared memory, I have a yo-yo 'quilt' that my Aunt gave me (from Grandma Johnson) that has her apron's cloth and my toddler dresses as part of the yo yo's. I still remember those fabrics. Yo-Yo's don't cuddle though; they just look pretty. LOL I had a dark black quilt that was Grandpa Johnson's but it was the 'tied' sort. Now THAT ONE was cuddly. I don't know what my Mom did with it; but, I loved it as a child. Keep blogging! Bev

  3. I'm so glad you finished the quilt! I know Grandma doesn't remember it, but it was the one that she had on the three-rail quilt frame that Grandpa made. It was a wonderful decoration in her breakfast nook!

  4. Ridgetatter - I LOVE yo yo quilts! What a treasure! If only to look at. :)

    Mom and Grandma, I'll post another picture once I have washed out my sickie germs and placed the quilt in it's place of honor in the sun room.