Sunday, May 2, 2010

I've just begun.

So, I didn't start exactly on May 1. But, that's ok. :) I should look at my calendar before I start setting goals for myself and publishing them! I had an enjoyable Friday night and Saturday with about 30 women from my church at a retreat. It was a nice time away from the kids and husband for reflection and fellowship with some of my best friends. I then had a birthday party to attend, which I ducked out of at 8pm and went home and promptly to bed. I was tired! 

So, this afternoon after church, I was about to start on hemming a prom dress for one of my neighbor girls when I realized I couldn't get to my sewing machine. There was an unfinished project there which only needed about 10 minutes of my attention. So, I finished it.

An "adventure bag" for my son. It's a little (ahem) large. But, that's ok. It means more stuff that he can stuff in there when we go on adventures. I asked him if he wanted something smaller and he (knowing how long it can take for me to complete a project) told me "no." Pay no attention to the mess in the background. That's just the way I work. And how my boy plays. And, yes, he is in his p.j.'s at 3 in the afternoon. He was home sick from church today due to a recurrence of his cough. And, yes, those pants are a bit short (they were a Christmas gift from me 2 years ago) but he still loves them. And they have become very soft with repeated washings, which is very important to a child with sensitive skin. :) I love flannel. 

Speaking of flannel, that's what he chose for the flap of his bag.

Here's the back:

The only thing I purchased for this project was the strapping. The rest came from my stash. 

Technically, this was not located on my own version of Mt. Fabric (see previous post), but it counts, right? Of course it does.

For those of you who may be wondering. I did not use a pattern. I made it up as I went along. I don't even think I used a ruler at any point. I just eyeballed and ripped. That could be why it's a bit over sized for my son, ya think? Perhaps if I would have taken the time to measure the fabric, or at least him...

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  1. Oh, to be so creative! I must have a pattern, otherwise I get myself all discombobulated. You worked on a stash of fabric. I worked on a stash of books. De-stashers unite!