Monday, May 10, 2010

Overly ambitious.

Perhaps a goal of 30 minutes of sewing a day was a tad much for this mother of two. :) However, I did sew some this week, which is more than usual! I think I'll give myself a little grace and be satisfied with sewing more regularly. Things do come up, you know. Sometimes things like karate tournaments, visiting family, and helping out a friend take precedence. As well they should.

So, this week sewing was not a priority. But I was able to use my machine (a gift from my mom) to help out a friend/youth group kid/neighbor. It's prom season, folks! She needed a dress hemmed and I was available. Do you have a rolled hem foot? If you don't, you should. It makes jobs like this much more fun.

It is also much easier to do this way than to meticulously fold and iron the entire hem and then top stitch it. Hand stitching would even take longer. And this method turns out so nice and neat, too!

Just for kicks (pun intended), here are a couple of photo of my kiddos at their karate tournament. They both placed 1st in their divisions!


  1. I'm glad you're making use of your sewing machine, even if it's not 30 minutes each day! Isn't it funny how simple goals can become overwhelming burdens? I think you should just enjoy your sewing whenever you have time.