Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oh, hey there!

It's the infrequent blogger making an appearance. :) Busy are the lives of stay-at-home moms, even when their children are in school for 6 hours! But, I thought I should at least update my banner to read "2011." So, on a rare Saturday with no obligations for the afternoon, here I am.

We had a nice break a week and a half ago when we got hit with a snow storm. 18+ inches in a few hours with some strong winds added in will shut us down for a few days here in the midwest. It was good to stay home, watch endless movies and enjoy each other's company, knowing that no one expected us to be anywhere. What a nice feeling!

Hope you are enjoying your winter and snuggling up with your loved ones whenever you have a chance!


  1. I would love to snuggle up with my loved ones, but most of them moved away! ; )

  2. Lots of fun seeing the kids at work.