Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good morning!

How are you this fine morning? I'm so thankful that the wind has died down in our area. The Windy City has certainly earned it's nickname this week!

This morning I realized that I have not picked up my camera in a few weeks and had to literally dust it off. I was finishing up my tea and gluten-free toast (more on that another time...) and just had the urge to click.

It fits my mood. Still a bit groggy and moving slowly. But the sun's coming. :)

I had a few little craft projects I needed to complete for my 3rd grader's Halloween party yesterday. So I was working on these here and there over the last two weeks:

Candy cup creatures! My co-room-mom came up with tons of great ideas for this party. I didn't snap photos along the way, but these are super easy to make. Use any clear container (we used disposable plastic cups), stuff with tissue paper (leaving enough room to insert candy or desired trick, or treat), cut out shapes for the intended face, and glue on! I used the pictured craft glue for my samples, but glue sticks worked well in the classroom, dried faster and were much less messy. You can cut off the excess paper as shown or just leave it sticking out of the top. I thought Frankie turned out cute. :)  

We also made these:

Hand bats! These were a big hit with the kids as well. We wrapped construction paper around a toilet paper tube (I have these in abundance stashed around my house...for just this type of thing). I pre-cut the paper to size for the kids to save time. I also pre-cut out the bat heads and the kids decorated them with a white crayon and peel-and-stick googly eyes. The wings are each child's hands traced, cut out and taped to the back. We embellished with a blue tie (from my yarn stash) and stuffed the tube with a snack bag of candy. 

I'm not huge into Halloween, but it was a blast watching the kids make these at their class party. 

Hope you all have a fun and safe and not-too-scary (I don't like scary) weekend! 


  1. Your Halloween decorations are adorable! I'm sure the kids had lots of fun. I love the photo of your tea cup... good enough for a tea add!

  2. I love the pictures. Halloween is such fun!

  3. Just signing on to your blog as it is the only way I can comment on Diane's blog. Love, Grandma