Thursday, September 30, 2010


It seems I've been saying that a lot lately! It's been a busy, crazy summer. And my mother happened to notice that I've not posted since May. Oh my. Oh well. That's how it goes sometimes, right? Right.

Now, then. I've noticed that my sewing machine has been neglected since the marathon sewing session of the flower girl dresses for my sister's wedding at the beginning August. I think they turned out quite nicely, though! Thanks, Mom, for helping with the hand-hemming!

Not much other sewing happened this summer. We were busy doing other celebrating birthdays...

...preparing for and traveling to and taking pictures of the previously-mentioned wedding... 

...and just having fun

It's ok with me that she was slightly neglected. :) 

Hope you all had a wonderful summer as well! Now that the kids are back in school and my routine is beginning to fall into place, I hope to post more often!


  1. I hope you post more often, too! I love your photos! But then, I guess I am a bit prejudiced...

  2. . . .and I missed your posting too! But any daughter of Diane is, well "special' to me. Lovely photographs and you are so fortunate that you were taught to sew. Treasure your relationship with your Mom. It is great when we all reach the age when we move from Mother/Daughter to Womenfriends. I have missed that recently, October is a bittersweet month for me as it is my late daughter's birthday month; and, I lost my own Mom to cancer on a autumn day in November.
    I'm glad you are back…
    big hugs, Bev