Friday, December 11, 2009

Just for laughs.

No photos today, but thought I'd share a funny story with you.

Yesterday afternoon I was working on a blog post in our downstairs office and heard a rustling behind me. Thinking it was maybe something (in one of our myriad of piles) shifting, I continued to sort through photos. Then I heard it again. Hm. A few moments later I heard it once more. I bolted up the stairs. I was just sure it was a mouse!

Now, growing up on a farm, one would think I'd be accustomed to such noises. One would think I'd be numb to even the possibility of little rodents invading once the cold set in. Mice are just an inevitable part of life in the country. Not pleasant, but inevitable just the same.

So, I phoned my husband. Who proceeded to laugh at me. And then assured me he'd check it out once he got home.

Well, he heard it as well and was convinced the critters had indeed gotten into our cozy home. I'm sure the neighbors were wondering just what in the world was going on as my dear, sweet, heroic husband emptied a large box of books, book by book, onto a towel on our front step in the glow of our Christmas lights in search of the elusive mouse. He was certain the poor little creature had gotten into the box via the handle opening and couldn't get out. It was empty. Not even the usual telltale droppings were present.

Confused, my dear, sweet, heroic, problem-solving husband reentered the house in search of the mouse. Crafty creature, that one...

A few moments later, my husband entered our bedroom (where I was hiding) and informed me that he had located our problem.

Get this.

My son, who has been home all week due to an id reaction (long story) had been playing the x-box in the office while I was cleaning up earlier in the day. The Spider Man game he was playing is used and has some scratches on it. Apparently, if left on, the x-box continues to spin the cd. And when the scratches are passed over, a strange rustling sound emanates...

So, no mouse. Thank goodness. Just a son who forgot to turn off his game when he left the room. It is now safe for me to return to my computer. :)

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Oh, how I wish you had a picture of Dan emptying a book box in the glow of Christmas lights!